The only kind of performance that matters to us?

Profit, That's it. Results you can cash out.

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Welcome to Spotlight.

We're a marketing agency. But not like you know. We've been building brands to 6, 7 & 8 figures for almost 10 years. Being in the trenches this long, we've figured out the difference between a brand that makes money and one that doesn't.

And not paper money. Bankable cash in your bank account. When you need a marketing co-pilot to help chart your course, look to us. We help you:

Research your target audiences — their hopes, fears, desires & dreams

Decide your offer — you can't ignore unit economics, every order has to anchor on profitability

Re-imagine your creative & copy — impactful, market-tested creative & copy with a clear testing plan

Buy your media — with 10+ years and $100+ million spent on Facebook, Google & TikTok, we don't guess

Develop a customer journey — one purchase begets multiple. With innovative retention strategies, we show you how